Extra wetness in a bottle. Goddess Nectar Lube can be used daily as a yoni oil to assist with dryness or to make things extra juicy for those pleasurable moments. Either way you’re going to love it!

Goddess Nectar Lube Benefits:

- Vegan & Plant Based
- Helps balance pH 
- Keeps labia thick (increased flow)
- Fights BV & Yeast Infections
- Provides natural moisture like your very  own
- Infused with CBD oil
- Good for anal sex
- Helps with hemorrhoids 
- Helps fight odors
- No- rinse lube
- Keeps you moist all night
- Intensifies pleasurable sensations 
- Safe for use with silicone toys
- Increases libido
- Brings out your natural pheromones

Goddess Nectar Lube