Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

A stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for healing the heart and heart chakra. This beautiful stone promote receptivity to beauty of all kinds. Romantic Rose Quartz attract love. Placed by your bed or in the relationship corner of your home, it draws love towards you or supports and existing partnership, restoring trust and harmony.

Rose Quartz is the finest emotional healer. Releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache, transmuting emotional conditioning that no longer serves, it soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation, opening the heart so that you become receptive. If you have loved and lost, it comforts you in grief. Rose Quartz teaches you how to love yourself and encourage self-forgiveness and acceptance, invoking self-trust and self-worth. Excellent for trauma or crisis. Rose Quartz acts as a rescue remedy, providing reassurance and calm. This stone draws off negative  and replaces it with loving vibes. Strengthening empathy and sensitivity and aiding the need for necessary change. It is an excellent stone for mid-life crisis. Holding Rose Quartz enhances positive affirmation, the stone then reminding you of your intention.

Beneficial for: inducing love, reducing tension, overcoming trauma, sexual imbalance, grief, addiction, overcoming rape, heart and circulatory system, chest, lungs, kidneys, adrenals, vertigo, fertility, burns, blistering, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Senile Dementia

Rose Quartz/ medium