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At Goddess Womb Healer, we’re passionate about good products, exceptional service and positive team spirit. We understand how valuable your time is, which is why we will leave no stone unturned in order to find the right solution for you. Read about our selection of products and services below, and contact us today to learn more.


About Goddess Womb Healer

Clarice Craig

Womb Healing Practioner

 Greetings everyone! My name is Clarice Craig and I am a mother,  Entrepreneur and Certified Womb Healing Practitioner. My goal is to make every Man and Woman aware of the importance of cleansing the mind, body and soul along with being able to assist in physical and emotional healing. 

 My journey started 5 years ago as I decided to heal myself from Endometriosis. I've suffered from Endometriosis for 20 years. None of the prescribed medications  relieved me of my symptoms. I grew to be tired of the suffering and needed healing. A friend introduced me to the herbal detoxing treatment. Once I started my detoxing journey, I was amazed by my results! After a few consistent cleanses, I was free of excruciating cramps, heavy cycles, imbalanced hormones, and awarded a beautiful daughter. After such a great experience, I felt that all women should be informed of this amazing treatment, so I started my own business in womb care. Now, I'm able to pass on the information that I've been taught to help millions around the world. 

  My mission is to be healed and provide healing to each and everyone. 

" A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform."

           Diane Mariechild


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Zen Combo


“I was very satisfied with my experience at Goddess Womb Healer. Throughout it all, Clarice was always pleasant and  made sure my questions were answered and my needs were met. Highly recommended.”

Ariana Hart

“ It’s really nice talking with someone that's  knowledgeable about womb care. Clarice has taught me so many things that I had any clue of. I'm very satisfied with my experience. Thanks so much for helping me!

Debra Adams

I've been suffering from a number of issues for the past 6 years. Been to numerous doctors and nothing would help. I came across a womb healing ad on facebook and decided I would give the products a try. Clarice has helped me so much and I am very grateful to have met her. She's explained to me exactly what to do to help my symptoms. I now finally have some relief and can live my life without any worries. These products are amazing!

Crystal Mafaindi

Everyone should try the yoni steam! I even have my husband steaming to keep him healthy. I had no clue that men can steam as well until Clarice explained to me the benefits from steaming. not only is it oh so relaxing, its life changing. Get you some!

Connie Porter